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Information Services Schedule and Agenda

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  Information Services Meetings  & Statistics Schedule 2017
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Statistics Schedule 2017

(Includes comment cards)

Jan. 17-23 (closed on the 16th)

April 3-8

July 3-10  (closed on the 4th)

Oct. 2-7

In house sampling Oct. 10-14

Next meeting: TBA

1. Sociocracy meeting and elections templates: facilitator election and practice meeting (redo)

2.  PPT Slides (final touches)

3. Go-to Meeting set-up progress



Meeting Feb 2 9-12 Gulf Gate meet room . GG:Agenda Items:
New Business:
0. Set-up Go-to Meeting/Remote access for committee members unable to travel
1. Sociocracy meeting template and practice meeting
2. Staff dev day:
    A. Tor Browser
    B. Jaws
    C. HTML
3. Harwood and feedback
4. Assistive devices
5. Core Curriculum Skills for Computer Classes:  Is there a core curriculum of skills that should be taught to students no matter where a computer class is taken in the system?  (ex. If a student takes a Basic/Intro to Windows 10 class at any library, they will learn the same 5 basic skills.)

6.E-book:  How to handle the complications of devices/software which are not supported by Cloud Library/Overdrive.  Who to refer customers to when problem exceeds our knowledge?  Are there contacts for customers to call directly?  Is there a system in-house staffer who can troubleshoot for customers?

Information Services Team Minutes

                        Thursday Dec 8th          Gulf Gate 9-12

In Attendance: Ellen India, Victor Lorand (EQ), Laurie Bates-Weir (GG), Lisa Lombard (NSL),               Brett Pike & Lisa Hendriks (Selby), Marisa Reichert (NP)




  1. Roaming
  2. Calendar and Room Management
  3. Standardized Tech Titles & descriptions
  4. Travelling Classes?- Tech classes taught by staff or registered volunteers that could travel: Jim Czerny at FRU and GG, Marisa- HTML and CSS
  5. Brightboard standardized slides

ü  All content should be created in Powerpoint using the 1920 x 1080 template (16:9)      

ü  All content should be applicable to the majority of SC libs

ü  One consistent look (color, font) or varied?

ü  SC Logo on bottom right- please make white surrounding it transparent or use another version for contrast on the slide (See official logos here)

ü  All slides for Final System Slides should be approved by majority

ü  Final System Slides should be completed by Feb 2017 meeting

ü  Completed slides will be put on Sharepoint


  1. Sociocracy



  1. Staff Development Day Ideas for IS staff? Privacy/legal issues, Intellectual Freedom

Electronic Frontier Foundation- defending your rights in the digital world

Library Freedom Project-intellectual freedom and surveillance threats, TOR browser installed for patrons to protect against surveillance

  1. Harwood 3As –is the Adult Services staff on the right path? How can make sure we are accurately reflecting what patrons want?
  2. Assistive Devices

Mary Brown and Erin Clay will be organizing update to list and marketing of devices


Next Meeting- Thursday February 2, 9 am-12 noon in Gulf Gate Conference Room 

Aug 25 9-12 Meet: Present Ana Y.F. Chico, Lisa Faber, Lisa Lombard, Ellen India, Jeffrey Austin, Katresa Gardner (Venice and Jac.), Victor Lorand
Absent: Osprey, North Port, Susan C.
Minutes with updated addenda:Aug 25 Info Serv 2016 Meeting min. EI VL SC.docx :

Information Services Reboot Team Minutes and addenda

August 25, 2016            9 – 12:00 at Gulf Gate


In Attendance: Ellen India, Lisa Lombard (NSL), Katresa Gardner (VPL), Jeffrey Austin (Info Central), Victor Lorand (EQ), Ana Chico (FPL), Lisa Faber (GG),

Minutes: Ellen India

[Addendums]: [Victor Lorand]

{Addender: Susan Cortright}

)3rd addender(




  1. Technology questions/concerns passed on to Andrea Taylor as new Technology Coordinator and leader of TECH Team: Fax Machines, private print job retrieval (Patrons use last 4 digits of SSN instead of Password to retrieve print jobs), wireless printing, Color printers for patrons                (not requested enough), Wireless Hotspots, SUNCAT Keyword default, Too costly for SUNCAT to offer the “Did you mean””? for misspelled items, Uniformity of in-house checkout procedures for iPads, Laptops, Notebooks[Victor mentioned that Jacaranda and EQ have conferred to make a Check-out procedure and forms that can be used by both- will attach, VL],(Digital Labs have diff requirements)

  2. Andrea is also the contact for all technology/database handouts or training.

  3. Website will be undergoing new design (Vision) to allow for easy mobile access and other new features

  4. Internal Resource Sheet that would list staff’s special skills and interests that could serve as resource to other staff.  For instance, if someone were especially interested or adept at genealogy research, they could be available to help less skilled staff members.      Now on Sharepoint here: https://employeenet.scgov.net/sites/SCG4/Libraries/InsideLib/Lists/Staff%20Skills%20Talents%20and%20Interests/AllItems.aspx

  5. Sharing Information: Wiki or SharePoint is preferred. Ellen has cleaned out old files no longer used in I drive. SharePoint files for this team can be put in Systemwide Teams and Projects-Information Services Links


  6. Roaming Feedback- How could it work better? [Team members shared their roaming practices at their branches, VL, Ellen/Jeffrey mentioned? Selby is using Kindle Fires for roaming, and Ipads are on order]

  7. Calendar and Room Management software options being considered, please provide feedback. [Ellen mentioned that “call Ellen is not the password to the demo (which is rudimentary- empty) and suggested the best thing is to look at the example websites

    Ellen mentioned that Wandoo has no posting of book reviews/sharing feature

    Elllen mentioned that desirable features include: Room utilization stats, recurring requests by patron---the new Evanced spaces may require staff to do recurring requests

    Another desired feature: ability to publish room requests directly to the Calendar]

  8. “Light” Bluecoat filter on PCs at Reference desks for staff, approx. 2 per library. Work with your Manager to determine Asset tag #s. [Ellen said,to test if still blue-coated- try going to poker.com]


  • Brightboard standardized slides need to be redone. Andrea Taylor has graphics for products if you need. Ellen sent out official County logo to be used (bottom right corner of each slide), and old slides for ideas.

    [Lisa Faber mentioned that there is no Access Videos slide]

  • OverDrive is adding 3 new Coloring books, and Flipster will add one too. These pages can be copied without having to worry about copyright infringement for library programs

{Correction: Opulent Bazaar coloring book does not allow printing. Now I know what to look for before ordering in the future. My meeting with OD thought it was pointless to offer coloring books without printing ability.

Susan Cortright }


  • Brain HQ as a possible new database?

  • [Victor gave a beginning presentation on Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance and emailed info after the meeting- suggesting to try it for running committee meetings]


[Other info given out: Ellen informed that it is now allowable to put the titles of movies on the website but not Facebook and Twitter]


Next Meeting- Thursday Dec 8th at Gulf Gate 9-12

1. IS Team update

Hello Information Services Staff, 

The Evanced programs we are currently using will not be supported in the near future. We have been looking at the “New Core” of programs Evanced has, and continue to evaluate them.

We would also like your help in evaluating some other possibilities for Library  Calendar and Room Management. Vendors must have both elements so the room management can interact.

Please take a look at these two other options and check out the Libraries that currently use them so you can see what it looks like on their website. Is it attractive, easy-to-use? Please make a list of questions you might have for each vendor. Andrea Taylor and I will try to get the answers and appreciate your feedback! 

  1. LibCal (Springshare)-

URL: http://sclibs.libcal.com/

Admin: ajtaylor@scgov.net

Password:    call Ellen

Libraries that use LibCal   (use drop down menu to find list)


  1. Communico    http://communico.co/ 

Prince George’s County Memorial Library System     http://www.pgcmls.info/

Queens Library     http://www.queenslibrary.org/

Cuyahoga County Public Library     http://www.cuyahogalibrary.org/default.aspx


I will schedule our next meeting for sometime in late August/early September, and we can talk about it there.


Please send me any other Agenda items you might have.


Ellen India

Next Meeting TBA:
Agenda Items:
Follow-ups and New Topics (from Rino's notes)(Date?)
1.         FOLLOW UP: Recommended that we re-evaluate the use of KEYWORD in 6 months. (June 2016)
  • ·         NEW TOPIC: SUNCAT Location Clarification

à         It was brought up that patrons are often confused by the location of materials when they are using the catalog.

-        Jane suggested a “where is it map” for materials in the catalog

2. à         FOLLOW UP: How will the data for the (special skills of staff) sheet be collected and how will it be shared?

3.    NEW TOPIC: Adding user guides to databases and other resources under the “Research Help and More” section of the website.

à         Example: Manatee County Libraries have guides for their databases that can be clicked on and opened.

à         FOLLOW UP: Check with Laurie and EIT (?) to see how we could provide guides (as PDFs) on the site.

4.à         FOLLOW UP: The option to use FaxScan24 has been paused for consideration. Alternatives, such as Envisionware’s “Library Document Station” are to be researched.

5.         Team agreed to distribute the United Way 211 Manasota materials to libraries.

FOLLOW UP: Ellen will send out the materials to the libraries.  IS Team will train and inform staff of the resource and distribute/make available the promo materials
6. (re: Roaming)à         FOLLOW UP: Ellen will meet with Andrea T. and Carolann to start developing best practices/FAQs to be presented to management team. 

7.(Inserted by Victor, not in Rino's notes:) (SCPLREFREPS.pbworks.com wiki) Follow-up- Victor will demo how to do minutes and agendas (for example), so that everyone with a username and password can revise/contribute.

8. à         NEW TOPIC: Blue coating on the iPads (and other devices) 

-        Victor brought up the fact that the lone patron that borrowed an iPad was blue coated. 

-        It was mentioned that there is a printed form that can be submitted from unblocking. 

An alternative to the form is found in a link when you encounter a blue coat message: just click on a link found at the bottom of the blue coat screen to submit a request to unblock to EIT; they may not respond
9.·         NEW TOPIC: 3D Printers 

à         3D printers were brought up during the discussion of devices (Follow-up?) 

10.       Wi-Fi Hotspots (Follow-up?) 


11. Sociacracy: something to share/think about:


What is it about?

It’s a progressive way to run organizations, committees, businesses- has been successfully used in the Netherlands…has different names- Circles of Consent, Sociacracy:





Agendas Archived 2015 thru 2016 
Note: SharePoint Site(5/21/2015 Being "redone"- not available yet: http://enet.scgov.net/Libraries/refplan/default.aspx
files being stored at:
I:\CSBC\Libraries_Share\Information Services Reboot files



Information Services Reps Charge (Draft 2011) 

The Information Services (IS) Reps Standing Committee is charged with guiding and evaluating IS strategic plan implementation. In addition, it provides consulting services to the management team and other system committees on IS policies, acquisitions, customer service, staff development, and other relevant issues.





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